Who is Tanuj Ravi Rao?

Co-Founder @ nTuring Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Cloud Technologies Enthusiast. Software Developer. Full-time Tech Nerd.
Who is Tanuj Ravi Rao?

A Carbon-based Life-form.

Full-time Tech-nerd.

99% of the time my brain is thinking blah, meh, why, huh, WTF, food and computers. The other 1% I’m usually asleep.

What Do I Do?

Co-Founder of nTuring Technologies Pvt. Ltd. with a passion for working in the Computer Science field. Skilled in Cloud-native application development, Linux System Administration, Cloud Architecture, Container Orchestration, and DevOps. I have a Bachelor of Engineering - BE degree focused in Computer Science & Engineering from KLS Gogte Institute of Technology.